felt less intimidated

The Practice Tests really helped make me feel more comfortable with taking the SAT. It made me so much more familiar with the SAT and I felt less intimidated to take it.

grateful for the practice SAT tests

The classes helped a lot because I reviewed things I may have forgotten that are on the SAT. I’m especially grateful for the practice SAT tests because I can see problems from the SAT.

helpful yet affordable assistance

The SAT prep classes helped me immensely when I had no clue where to start. Working on the practice exams allowed me to realize my weaker subjects, and I was able to improve my scores. I would recommend the classes to anyone who is looking for a helpful yet affordable assistance. Thank you Ms. Nohilly!

learned all the skills I needed

The BeCollegeWise SAT prep courses made a huge difference in helping me to prepare for the SAT and ultimately do really well. I have never been a good test taker, but I learned all the skills I needed, and as a result, was accepted to every university I applied to, including UCLA. I could not[…]