teachers were awesome

The teachers were awesome and had a lot of knowledge to share. The Practice Tests really prepared you and everythingabout the course was great!

very beneficial

This preparatory class was very beneficial to me regarding getting ready for the test. Without it I would not be nearly as ready

highly recommend taking this course

Taking the SAT prep course from BeCollegewise, together with the practice exams, really prepared me well on what to expect on the day of the SAT test. I highly recommend taking this course to students who wish to do well on the SAT.

I know I’ll get a higher score

The SAT book is a very helpful study guide and the handouts were a lot of help. I know as soon as I get to the SAT, I’m going to remember a lot more than I did. I know I’ll get a higher score.

classes are absolutely amazing

I really enjoyed the SAT Prep Classes provided to me by BeCollegeWise. These classes are absolutely amazing and I know I feel confident enough with the new skills and lessons that I have learned to pass with SATs with no problem.

more insight

This class gave me more insight about what the SAT is all about. This class really helped me answer a lot more questions on the SAT and I really believe this class will help anyone who takes it.

felt very well prepared

This class was very helpful. They walked you through every step. I felt very well prepared for both math and English. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to raise their scores plus it’s cheaper.

helped me use strategy

The class helped me think smart while taking the SAT…meaning it helped me use strategy. It’s also a good practice because once you become familiar with these types of questions, they become more easy.

course was challenging

This course was challenging but also enlightening. The SAT is a major tool in your academic career and when getting help, it makes it that much easier.

classes helped me a lot

The English Teacher helped me develop a fluent essay and clarify the meaning of my essay. The Writing Class and Critical Reading classes helped me a lot.