Why do you use College Board materials?

In our Be SAT Wise 3 and 4 week SAT prep classes and also in our SAT prep Weekend Boot Camps, we only use College Board materials for our instruction and for our Mock Practice exams.  There will be 8  mock practice exams in the new 2017 “Official SAT Study Guide” ­- by The College Board that is scheduled to come out in May.  We currently use the 2016 edition of the “Official SAT Study Guide” but we will transition to the 2017 ed. as soon as it becomes available.

“I want to impress something upon you that is extremely important.  It is absolutely critical that you practice with real SAT questions written by the actual College Board itself – only the real questions by the actual College Board are guaranteed to behave like the questions you’ll see on test day.  Questions written by other companies (Kaplan, Princeton Review, Barron’s or anyone else) are simply not guaranteed to behave like the real thing.  For our purposes then, fake SAT questions written by any company except The College Board are garbage.  They are useless.  If you want to learn how to beat the SAT, you have to work with real SAT questions. I really can’t stress this enough.” –  Mike Barrett, author of The SAT Prep Black Book  


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