What is a good SAT Score?

Each college has different standards.  Check the website of the colleges of your choice.  They will generally give you a range rather than a number.

The National Average for each section (Math and English) of the SAT is approx. 500.  This is not the average for all college AGE students, but college BOUND students.  Therefore,  this is a good first yardstick since it compares you to all students in the USA who are “college-bound”.  Once you achieve the 500 mark, getting  to the 600 mark on each section should be your next goal.  If you are planning on a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math) major, the your math score is your big focus.  You need to be good of course on both but your math will most likely be more favored by your admission officer.  Alternatively if you are going for any of the Liberal Arts majors, your English score will be the focus.

Looking at it in isolation 1200 is a great score and above 1200 should get you into a lot of the top colleges.  If you want to go to an Ivy League, you need to get closer to the 1400!

1400 is of course a very difficult scores to achieve and scores are never taken in isolation.  College Admissions look at you as a “package” with your GPA, extra curricular, personal statement etc.

Nonetheless “SAT scores can make or break a college application”  US News & World Reports.  You therefore want to get the best score  and keep testing  until you are tired testing and then take one more !!!!!! LOl!


of the ACT is A good –> very good score on etiher the SAT or the ACT (better yet on both!) plays a very important role in the college admissions process.

A great score on the SAT is 1400+.

A great score on the ACT is 30+

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