What if I play sports? And can not take classes during the week?

We developed our Weekend Boot Camps in order to offer SAT and ACT prep classes JUST for you!

The weekend Boot Camps are indeed boot camps!!  They are all day Saturday and Sunday in local hotels and are very intense.  Nonetheless, when we do a survey of most improved scores, often our boot camp students come out on top.  We try to have the Boot Camps the weekend right before the actual test  (max 2 weekends before ) so there is  no time for that  “forgetting” curve!   By the end of Sunday, granted your  poor brains will  be a little fried but you will for sure  feel it was a well spend 2-days and you will feel very ready for the actual test.

It is at these SAT and ACT prep Weekend Boot camps that we really put the Mike Barrett, (author of-The SAT and ACT Prep Black Book) method into practice.  Upon arrival on Saturday morning, the students take a full length College Board Mock Practice Test.  When returning from lunch, the students receive the test results.  As part of the afternoon’s 4-HR session, usually the English section, the teacher helps the students “tear apart” the mock practice test, similar to what a football or basketball coach would do, to both help the students see their careless errors or easy mistakes made on the test and to help them better understand the SAT.

On Sunday morning (for 4 HRS) the Math Teacher helps the students “tear apart” the Math section of that same test, to again help the students avoid making careless errors and to better understand the test.

     On Sunday afternoon, the students take another College Board Mock Practice Test and hopefully they will now be able to “tear apart” that test on their own!  (The results of the 2nd Mock Practice test are mailed to the students on the following Tuesday or Wednesday.)

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