What Areas will the SAT Test?

“The SAT is and always has been a reasoning test.  This means that the College Board is looking to test your ability to puzzle through, reason with, and analyze a problem. They are not testing your knowledge of facts.  The big change in 2016 is that the SAT is redefining what they mean by reasoning.”- Up Your SAT Score,  Mandell et al 2016-2017 ed.

There are 5 areas in which the SAT tests:

  1. Critical Reading (English) 52 questions in 65 minutes
  2. Writing and Language – 44 questions in 35 minutes
  3. Math without a calculator– 20 questions in 25 minutes
  4. Math with a calculator– 38 questions in 55 minutes
  5. Essay (which is now optional) – 50 minutes
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