Is the ACT important for College Acceptance?

“There is a lot of controversy surrounding Standardized tests like the ACT.  For that reason, many Colleges like to pretend that the ACT and similar tests aren’t that important when it comes to the admissions process; but this isn’t true.  If you look at any highly competitive College, and you find out the average ACT and SAT scores of the people who go there, you’ll pretty much always find that those scores are well above average – for some schools, the average scores are in the top few percent nationwide.  Think about it: if schools didn’t care about your ACT scores, they wouldn’t ask for those scores, and they wouldn’t spend the time necessary to consider them.  The ACT certainly isn’t the only piece of the admissions puzzle, especially for more competitive schools, but standardized test scores matter a lot, whether we like it or not.”  –Mike Barrett, author of:  The ACT Prep Black Book.

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