I have a 4.0, does the SAT even matter?

Many high school students, who have an excellent GPA (4.0 or above) think they will easily “ace the SAT or ACT. But, “…The SAT frustrates so many test-takers because it asks about very basic things in very strange (but repetitive) ways.  The simple reason many students struggle with the test is because they’re looking at it in completely the wrong way. That is why there are so many students who do so well in advanced classes in high school; but have a relatively hard time with the SAT.  The SAT tests simple stuff in a strange way.  It basically requires a totally different skill-set from high school or college.” – Mike Barrett, author of The SAT Prep Black Book.

Most parents are unfamiliar with the SAT and the important role a “good” to “very good” SAT score plays in the college admission process.  Even if they are aware of the importance, they sometimes have a difficult time finding good SAT Prep help at a reasonable price.  Many companies charge the proverbial “arm-and-a-leg” for their services!

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