How Important Are Good to Very Good SAT Scores in the University Admissions Process?

“The SAT has undergone several revisions to make it more relevant and useful; but, through all of these revisions, one thing has not changed. The SAT is and will continue to be an important part of the college application process.  While there are a lot of factors that admissions officers look at in an application, the bottom line is that“…your SAT score can make the difference between acceptance to and rejection from a college.”– Up Your SAT Score,  Mandell et al 2016-2017 ed.

The SAT score is the one real “objective” on a student’s college admissions application.  The ACT score is equally the same.  You can see then how both excellent SAT or ACT scores can have an enormous positive impact on Student College Acceptance.

          “SAT Scores can make or break a College Application” – US News and World Report

Admissions officers consider many factors:

  • HS grades and courses
  • Work experience
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Application essay
  • Leadership qualities
  • The admissions interview (Ivy Leagues)
  • Disadvantaged/under-represented background
  • Athletic prowess
  • Legacy

“Many other things have an impact on whether or not you acquire your intended goal.  Although these other factors are important, your SAT score may be the most crucial. While the other factors on your application are subjective.  Your SAT score is a big, fat, hairy ‘objective’ number.  Even an admissions officer, who claims that the SAT score is not particularly important, is going to be subconsciously influenced by this number.  It categorizes your application in the admissions officer’s mind as smart enough or not smart enough. It has an impact on the way an admissions officer interprets virtually everything else on your application.” – Up Your SAT Score,  Mandell et al 2016-2017 ed.


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