Strategies to help you score well on the SAT?

If you make an answer change, be sure to erase well. Do not make any marks on the answer sheet – other than the bubbled in answers. Bubble in answer completely.  A blunt #2 pencil is better for this than a sharply pointed pencil. Bring several pencils and an eraser to the test. Read the test questions[…]

I have a 4.0, does the SAT even matter?

Many high school students, who have an excellent GPA (4.0 or above) think they will easily “ace” the SAT or ACT. But, “…The SAT frustrates so many test-takers because it asks about very basic things in very strange (but repetitive) ways.  The simple reason many students struggle with the test is because they’re looking at it in[…]

What Is The SAT And Who Uses The Results?

The SAT is a standardized test taken by millions of HS Juniors and Seniors across the country, as part of the admission process at most US Universities.  The SAT is recommended by HS Counselors to be taken in the spring of the student’s Junior year and again in the fall of Senior year.  Many “eager-beaver”[…]

How is the “New 2016” SAT scored?

The maximum score is 1600.  “Old SAT” was 2400. The Critical Reading and Writing sections are combined for a maximum score of 800.  The two math sections (one with a calculator and one without) are combined for a maximum score of 800.  Both scores are combined for a final score of 400 (lowest) to a[…]

What is a good SAT Score?

Each college has different standards.  Check the website of the colleges of your choice.  They will generally give you a range rather than a number. The National Average for each section (Math and English) of the SAT is approx. 500.  This is not the average for all college AGE students, but college BOUND students.  Therefore,[…]