I have a 4.0, does the SAT even matter?

Many high school students, who have an excellent GPA (4.0 or above) think they will easily “ace” the SAT or ACT. But, “…The SAT frustrates so many test-takers because it asks about very basic things in very strange (but repetitive) ways.  The simple reason many students struggle with the test is because they’re looking at it in[…]

Why do you use College Board materials?

In our Be SAT Wise 3 and 4 week SAT prep classes and also in our SAT prep Weekend Boot Camps, we only use College Board materials for our instruction and for our Mock Practice exams.  There will be 8  mock practice exams in the new 2017 “Official SAT Study Guide” ­- by The College Board that is scheduled to come out in May.  We currently use the[…]

How Do I Get A High Score on the ACT?

Precise Reading  “I almost always start students off on the Reading section, for a few reasons.  The first reason is that careful, precise Reading is the most important skill on the entire ACT (yes, even on the Math and Science sections). – Mike Barrett, author of:  The ACT Prep Black Book. Avoid Careless Errors “You want to[…]