How Do I Get A High Score on the ACT?

Precise Reading  “I almost always start students off on the Reading section, for a few reasons.  The first reason is that careful, precise Reading is the most important skill on the entire ACT (yes, even on the Math and Science sections). – Mike Barrett, author of:  The ACT Prep Black Book. Avoid Careless Errors “You want to[…]

About Standardized tests – like the ACT and SAT?

“Standardized tests, like the ACT have very little in common with the tests you might take in school.  In school, tests have a lot to do with your ability to memorize a lot of information ahead of time and then recall that material on test day. But doing well on the ACT is much more about[…]

Are The ACT and SAT Similar?

“The SAT and the ACT are fundamentally the same.  They are both internationally administered standardized test for HS students that primarily test basic reading and math skills in ways that differ from those used by ‘normal’ classroom tests.  In fact, most of the questions that appear on either could  also appear on the other one, because most of[…]

What does the ACT measure and how is the test scored?

 The first section of the test is English. There are 75 questions, with a time limit of 45 minutes. The Raw Score, – that is the # correct out of 75 – is converted to a scaled score out of 36.  The second section is Mathematics. There are 60 questions, with a time limit of 60 minutes. The Raw Score –[…]

Is the ACT important for College Acceptance?

“There is a lot of controversy surrounding Standardized tests like the ACT.  For that reason, many Colleges like to pretend that the ACT and similar tests aren’t that important when it comes to the admissions process; but this isn’t true.  If you look at any highly competitive College, and you find out the average ACT and SAT[…]

Who Administers The ACT?

ACT, Inc. administers and sponsors the ACT.  Their website is  It offers the ACT 6 times a year, from early in September to the beginning of June.  Any student who wants to take the ACT registers with ACT, Inc. @  

What Is The ACT And Who Uses The Results?

The ACT is a standardized test, administered and sponsored by ACT, Inc.  It is taken by millions of HS students across the country and overseas.  Like the SAT standardized test, it is usually taken in the spring of the junior year and again in the fall of the senior year. The real HS academic “go-getter” students who want[…]