BeSATwise was hands down the obvious best choice

As a school counselor at La Sierra High School I know how important it is for our students to do well on the SAT.  A few years ago I wanted to bring an SAT prep class to our school because the data showed that our students were taking challenging college prep classes and getting good grades but weren’t scoring well on the SAT. As I began to research the many different SAT prep classes available in our area it quickly became obvious that BeSATwise was hands down the obvious best choice.  They use certificated high school teachers (as apposed to college students), they offer our students several full length practice tests with previously released test questions, and they are hands down the best value.  Most importantly, they were willing to work with our school to offer their classes on our campus that are affordable for all our students.  For the first time our students have access to an affordable quality SAT prep class.   As a result, our students are scoring higher on the SAT!
I recommend BeSATwise to all my students because I know they’ll receive superior SAT prep instruction and I encourage you to do the same.

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